Atwood Rentals HVAC · 9/10/2019, 4:01:00 PM

Advantages of Rent-to-Own HVAC Programs: The Perfect Solution When You've Been Denied HVAC Financing

Atwood HVAC Dealer installing Rent-to-Own system

What do you do when you have been denied HVAC financing?

Don’t despair; there are other options to consider. We get it. A broken furnace in the middle of winter or a rundown air conditioner in the hottest months of the year isn’t ever an ideal situation. The costs to replace your HVAC unit can soar higher than you savings can handle. That’s why our rent-to-own HVAC programs exist.

What are the advantages to an AC Rent-to-Own Program?

Your application for traditional HVAC financing has been denied, so you’ve researched your other options and begin to wonder “what are the advantages of HVAC rent-to-own programs?”

The answer to this question will give you a spark of hope and encouragement. There is a solution to every problem and Atwood Rentals is here to help you with your air conditioner and furnace replacement needs.

We saw a growing need for flexible payment options for those in need of a new HVAC system. Because of that need, Atwood Rentals has developed furnace and air conditioner rent-to-own programs with attractive advantages.

  1. Assistance with scheduling the successful installation of a rent-to-own air conditioner to replace your old broken down one.
  2. Your old unit will be removed with no extra charge.
  3. Help locating a reputable HVAC contractor in your local area with trusted credentials.
  4. Receive Energy Star qualified equipment on your air conditioner.
  5. Working with your local HVAC contractor to obtain the lowest possible cost.
  6. Finding flexible payment plans to fit your budget.
  7. Discounts are offered when you enroll with online automatic payments.
  8. Generous referral rebates are offered.
  9. With dignity, kindness and respect we will continue to work with you to maintain your account.
  10. A new air conditioner unit can increase your home’s value.
  11. The rent-to-own air conditioner program can be transferred should you sell your home.
  12. Receive lifetime repairs on all parts and labor.

No Credit Check

You will be encouraged to know that there is no credit check with a rent-to-own air conditioner program with Atwood Rentals. Our qualified agents will be happy to discuss the options available and design a program to fit your budget. Call us today at 833-786-4822 to get started.

Easy Application: Approval in 15 Minutes

You can also contact us by filling out our easy application online. The application process is quick and easy and your approval will arrive in 15 minutes.

Flexible Payment Plans

The aim of Atwood Rentals is to deliver heating and cooling options to those who need affordable monthly payment plans and we do this through a strategic network of contractors who are skilled in developing flexible payment plans to keep down the air conditioner rental cost.

No Pay Off Fees

Clear communication is of high importance to Atwood Rentals. You will not be surprised with hidden fees with your rent–to-own air conditioner program through us. As our way of looking out for your interests, we install Energy Star rated air conditioner units to conserve your monthly energy costs. Your air conditioning unit will be installed by licensed technicians and your old unit will be removed without additional charges.

Our goal is for you to successfully gain ownership of your new HVAC system. There are no fees when you are ready to pay off early.

Start Your Application Process Today!

The steep up-front costs of financing a new air conditioning system can easily be cost prohibitive.

Don’t settle for an older air conditioner unit that could easily break down and cause extra repair expenses and headaches. Obtain your rent-to-own air conditioner and take advantage of the benefits offered through Atwood Rentals.

Atwood Rentals is here to help you through the entire process of replacing your air conditioner unit with an affordable and flexible rent-to-own air conditioner payment plan.

Our experienced technicians are fully trained/certified and deliver outstanding products and installation for your rent-to-own HVAC unit. Our expertise combined with the our flexible payment plans will give you a worry-free experience. Don't sweat, the Atwood Rentals HVAC team is here to help make sure your home is comfortable all year long.

Start the application process or give us a call with any questions you have today!